About us

Kquadro Elettronica

Our history

Our history officially begins in 2016 but our experience has its roots in the early 2000s. In this decade so many changes have involved our industry and our market, making possible solutions that were previously unimaginable.
Our progress in research and development leads us today to offer products with innovative features, connected to the network, low energy consumption and very high efficiency but above all reliable and simple to manage.
The constant push towards integration and engineering allows us to create LED panels of any size characterized by a super-slim profile of only 22mm. In this way our panels are aesthetically appealing, light and easy to install even by suspension.

How we work

The design of the panels, the realization of the software, the assembly and the testing take place at our company.
We are thus able to offer both standard products and customized products
and made according to the client's specifications. We produce watches, timers, counters, display for displaying the produced energy, variable message panels with serial interface, Modbus or web-service, display for work safety, display for statistical control of production processes.

Our pride

Our super-slim profile

Years of research and development have allowed us to create extremely thin industrial LED panels: only 22mm! Our revolutionary system is unparalleled and makes our products light and easily integrated into any environment.

Our customers

Our partners​