SPR Series : LED scoreboard panels

The SPR series includes multisport LED scoreboard panels.
Their thickness of only 22mm makes them unique and highly appreciated for their design. Standard sizes range from a minimum of 394x234x22mm to a maximum of 1834x714x22mm. The body of the panels is made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel and ABS and is resistant to exposure to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Installation can take place indoors or outdoors (degree of protection: IP54).
For our displays we choose only high brightness LEDs, low power consumption and high reliability that allow for unmatched legibility and durability.
The brightness adjustment allows obtaining the best possible readability whatever the light conditions.
Management can be done by push-buttons, infrared remote control, remote control with LCD display or via integrated WiFi web server system. The display of the figures on a high resolution LED matrix allows a greater definition of the same and therefore greater legibility and quality.
Most panels are able to measure the points and times of multiple sports in order to optimize space and give greater value to the investment.


Dimensions: 714x554x22mm
Digits height: 70-160mm
Power supply: 230VAC / 12VDC / 5VDC

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