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Kquadro Elettronica - LED Displays

About us


Our history officially begins in 2016 but our experience has its roots in the early 2000s. In this decade, many changes have involved our industry and our market, making previously unimaginable solutions possible today. Our progress in research and development leads us today to offer products with innovative features, connected to the network, with low energy consumption and very high efficiency but above all reliable and easy to manage. The constant push towards integration and engineering allows us to create LED panels of any size characterized by a super-slim profile of only 22mm. This leads to our panels being aesthetically appealing, light and easy to install.


The design of the panels, the development of their software, the assembly and the testing, all take place in our company. We are thus able to offer both standard products and customized products made according to the customer's specifications. We produce clocks, timers, meters, displays for the visualization of the energy produced, variable message panels with serial interface, Modbus or web-service interface, displays for safety at work, displays for the statistical control of production processes and many more.

Our customers

Our biggest satisfaction
00 Safim SRL
01 36° Stormo Caccia
02 Bristol-Myers Squibb
03 CONAD - Centro distribuzione - Forlì
05 Selesta Ingegneria SPA
06 Olin - Blue Cube Chemicals Italy SRL
07 Alcar Italia SRL
08 Vera Power SRL
09 BCC - Giovinazzo
10 Tekna Automazione e Controllo SRL
11 RG Impianti
12 Project Impianti SRL
13 MEDS Automation & Consulting SRL
14 LPT Measure SRL
15 ZF
16 G.I. Industrial Holding
17 Geco Renew Group
18 SITEC Fire & Security
19 Timac Agro
20 Argelato SRL
21 Elettrateam SRL
22 Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport
23 TEA Servizi SRL
24 Controllogic SRLS
25 Tecnoriva SRL
26 ZF Sachs
28 Essetech SRL
29 ADR Group
30 De Giorgi Global Service
31 Rotork Fluid Systems SRL
32 Uniconfort SRL
33 Cantiere Del Sole
34 Eurogroup
35 Cimem SRL
36 Autorità di Sistema Portuale
37 Cauto - Rete di Cooperative
38 Villa Romanazzi Carducci
39 IT Data SRL
40 Innocenti Silvano SNC
41 Calce Barattoni SPA
42 B&B Dental SRL
43 SIEI Automazioni SRL
44 OMB
45 Cubar SRL
46 P&C Automotive SRL
47 Catraport LDA
48 NSG Factory
49 Coffee Net SRLS
50 Selferg SRL
51 Bari Multiservizi SPA
52 Lampa Plastic SRL
53 Novilsime Impianti SRL
54 Solvay
55 Vitap Costruzioni Meccaniche SPA
56 Conzatti Elettromeccanica SRL
57 Elettromarca SRL
58 Ferrovie Sud Est
59 IES Biogas
60 Amazon
63 Elettro Light
64 Luglio
65 Tecnica Industriale SRL
66 Nexto Group

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